Being in a relationship takes work and commitment. Even the strongest of relationships encounter conflict from time to time. Often conflict in a couple is the result of one or both partners' uncommunicated needs. Couples counseling can provide a safe space in which partners can explore relationship stuck points, improve communication skills, and bring mindfulness to the strengths of the relationship. Our providers are trained in a variety of evidence based couples methods including the Gottman Method, Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, and ACT. Each method has its own merits and during a consultation  our providers can assess what approach might be most appropriate for your needs.

Dr. Ryng approaches couples therapy primarily using the ACT model (please see ACT page on our website to learn more).

Dr. McDermott utilized many elements of the Gottman Method, an approach to couples therapy that supports over 30 years of research. One of the many strengths of the Gottman Method is its evidenced based practices.  Dr. McDermott is also a member of the Gottman Referral network.  Many couples who have engaged in other styles of therapy site an appreciation for the degree of structure that this method lends to the therapeutic process. The videos below are provided to highlight just a sampling of the Gottman Method findings on relationships.

The Gottman Method


1) Specifics about the Gottman Method


2) Concise article explaining the tenents of the Gottman Method: