Dr. Harada views psychotherapy as the process of change that occurs when we come to understand the affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have on one another. In a safe and non-judgmental environment, she partners with clients and assists them as they move from distress to well-being. She believes that by discovering new and healthier ways of being in the world we move into a place of greater emotional peace and balance.

The mind and body are interconnected, one impacting the other. Emotional distress can negatively affect our physical health, just as physical illness and other health conditions can directly impact our mental health. From this holistic point of view, Dr. Harada works with clients to create positive change by helping them develop greater balance and overall well-being in both mind and body.


Dr. Harada’s areas of expertise are in working with depression, anxiety, fears, worries, PTSD, and health-related behaviors such as chronic health conditions, insomnia, and weight management. She also helps individuals address stress management. 


Below is a clip demonstrating the mind body connection and the effects of psychological stress on health.